Orlando Lara
Artist, Writer, Educator

I recently completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Cornell University where I taught both freshman writing and creative writing. Before that, I obtained a Master's degree in Anthropology and a Certificate in Culture and Media from NYU. While there, I worked with undocumented youth in the city just prior to the eruption of the mass coming out movement.

I am an artist, writer, and scholar. I have done work in photography, documentary film, cultural studies, creative writing, and have focused especially on the melding of storytelling and the social protest arts. Currently, I am a member of Sin Huellas, an art collective which created the multi-media exhibit, "Detention Nation" that has been shown in Houston, Denver, Topeka, and most recently in Lubbock.

I am currently the Associate Director of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies at TCU. Previously, I taught Mexican American Studies and Puente classes at Lee College. I continue to work with state-wide efforts to promote Mexican American Studies and Ethnic Studies at the K-16 level in Texas and beyond.

Works and Projects

Design and Graphics:
Wounds in the Sand

"El Buddha"
"Elizabeth's Story"
"Arpa Viajera"

Art Installation:
Sed: A Trail of Thirst
Detention Nation

Creative Writing:
For When I am Weak (in-progress)

Special Interests

Immigration politics, stories, and rights
Vulnerable masculinities and race
Community organizing and social change
Social protest and the arts
Cultural studies and the decolonization of academia

Social Media

Twitter @UndocuLabs

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